Avita COVID-19 Client Safety Protocol

We have taken many steps to provide you with a clinic environment that is safe, secure and hygienic. Other than the actual treatments, we have designed your visit to be as touchless as possible. We have also created a Client Safety Protocol to minimize contact between clients and staff. We appreciate your cooperation in following this protocol to ensure the health of everyone.

Arrive on time

Please arrive at our door 2 minutes before your scheduled treatment time. We cannot have more than 3 clients in our waiting area at a time. Please leave any unnecessary personal items (i.e., bags, purses) in your car. Please arrive alone. Practitioners will need to finish on time in order to sanitize the rooms between clients.

Wear a face mask

To prevent any potential contamination or spread of respiratory droplets, all of our staff will be wearing masks. We will also require all patients to wear masks during their entire time at the clinic, so please bring one. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one.

Sanitize your hands on entering

Please use our hand sanitizing station the moment you enter the clinic. If you need to use the restrooms, they no longer require a key.

Contactless payment

In order to avoid all contact, we are asking for payment by credit card, e-transfer or tap (we now have a $200 limit to avoid handling of the pin pad). We cannot handle cash.

COVID-19 screening and consent forms

We will require everyone to sign these forms, and this will be done digitally. The forms are required by our Colleges.

Physical distancing

To minimize the risk of the spread of the virus, please maintain a distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet) from other patients and staff at all times

Exit via our rear door

After your appointment, please do not return to the reception area. Simply follow the arrows out our rear door, and continue to follow the arrows which will take you out the rear door of our building. They are well marked.

Booking appointments

For the foreseeable future, appointments will need to be booked by phone (604-980-4491), by email (info@avitamassage.com), or through our online booking.